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14 May 2020The Art of Van Gogh - words and images
11 June 2020Insiders/Outsiders: Refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to visual culture
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12 November 2020The Genius of Beethoven
03 December 2020Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours
14 January 2021Peggy Guggenheim
11 February 2021Great Railway Stations

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The Art of Van Gogh - words and images Sarah Stopford Thursday 14 May 2020

As well as being a great painter, a key founder of modern art, van Gogh was also a great writer. We all thrill to his vibrant colour, dynamic brushwork – that sense that he is painting on the edge and taking us there with him as he discovers new vistas in the sublime as well as the everyday. Our response to his art is heightened by the awareness of how much tragedy haunted his short creative life.  In his letters he clarifies his thoughts, focuses the direction of his art.  It is his letters that provide the bridge linking the man and his art, an exploration of himself and his world. 

Sarah Stopford is a guide and lecturer at Tate Britain and Tate Modern.   She studied art history as part of her first degree at Harvard.   After a further degree in English at Cambridge and a career as a teacher of English literature in both the United States and England, she  returned to the world of art history where her special interests are in British and post-1900 art as well as the connections between literature and the visual arts.